Usage / About
Instantfox turns your adress bar into a smart command line and allows you to search directly in your address bar with shortcuts in almost any searchengine.
Instantfox loads sites already while you type and autocompletes your search with the native auto suggest of the choosen search engine.
Try it out in your address bar and type in: g nature for Google Search i tomato for Google Image Search m new york for Google Maps Search y music for Youtube Search w einstein for Wikipedia Search a harry for Amazon Search
How to choose your language
There are several preinstalled search plugin sets in many languages in the configuration menu.
If you miss your language, please drop us a note with your favorite search-engines.
Choose Language
How to add your own search plugin
Simply use the desired search-url and replace the searchword with "%q"
e.g. ->
Configure shortcut, suggest function and instant loading and you are done! :)
Suggest and Instant-loading are optional
Suggest (auto complete of search results) and instant-loading are now optional.
You can configure "suggest" and "instant loading" for each search-plugin separately by simply hitting the "edit" button in the configuration menu and choose your desired options.
Choose Loading
Keyboard shortcuts
Shortcuts for even quicker navigation with Instantfox:
Ctrl + L
jump to addressbar
Tab or
autocomplete suggestion
Ctrl +
autocomplete suggestion by letter
Ctrl + space
jump to search shortcut (and replace it)
open your Instantfox result in a new tab
abort search and show startpage
finish search or release url
Tips & Tricks
How to add more shortcuts for a search-plugin?
→Simply split the search-shortcuts by a whitespace!
How to delete search-plugins?
→ Simply go to edit and click remove
How to get a quick list of engine / search shortcut?
→ Start search with ` to get list of possible engines
How to recover search query from url?
→ press ctrl + space!
How to open search from contextmenu in background/foreground/current tab?
→ click menu item with left/middle/right mouse button!
How to discard instant preview and get back the page you started from?
→ just press esc!

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